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Beautiful, uniquely Indian homewares that will add colour and fun into any home. From vases to quilts to elephant statues there's something for everyone.
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Give your home a taste of India with our unique homewares

Symbolism of Elephant Statues

The elephant is believed to symbolise many things around the world, notably strength, power, stability and wisdom. When purchasing elephant figures for sale, should the trunk be pointing up or down? Some believe that an upward pointing trunk will bring good luck, others believe that a downward pointing one will let good fortune flow freely.

Brass Enameled, Handmade Vases

Why should flowers be the focus of your décor? Our selection of gorgeous brass enameled and unique vases look just as stunning on their own as they do when housing blooms. They feature traditional Indian designs, from paisley to peacocks, and are available in a variety of colours and sizes. You’ll be sure to find a perfect match for your décor.

Breathe in the Aromas of India

If you have ever been to India before, you’ll know that incense is an important part of their culture – particularly for Hindus. The country is known for unique scents that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our range of home accessories includes traditional incense holders, so that you can enjoy this relaxing and aromatic practice in your own home.

Hand Painted & Sewn Linens

To add some real ethnic style to your home, our range of hand painted and hand sewn linens are perfect. Rest peacefully under an Indian quilt (single, double and queen bed sizes available) or on hand painted pillow covers. Adorn your table with a beautifully hand painted runner, available in a variety of patterns and colours.