If you’re searching for a style that allows you to express your personality whilst ensuring your home remains on trend, then you need to learn more about bohemia and everything that it offers. Covering a wide and varied aesthetic, it draws on earthy tones and whimsical influences – think Scandinavian and Hamptons trends with a fun, eclectic finish. Whether you prefer neutral, clean lines or you love the idea of living in an indoor jungle, the bohemian trend has something for everyone. With a wide range of exotic and unique homeware gift ideas, it’s easy to inject an striking, boho look into your home.

Play with colours

Bohemian style means a lot of things to a lot of people, but many love to introduce it into their homes as a way to play with colour. With neutrals and whites being so popular at the moment within mainstream trends, this could be the antidote to the white on white on white that we’ve been waiting for. We recommend starting slowly; consider a mandala throw for the couch or a bold table runner for your dining room. Once you feel comfortable, there are no end to the colours you can use – that’s the beauty of the bohemian style!

Introduce Textures

Another key feature of boho living is natural textures. We’re seeing a lot of timbers and raw finishes, and rattan has recently made a huge comeback. Our intricate marble tealight holders have been flying off the shelves, whilst our woven bags are the ideal addition for anyone who wants to take their boho style with them when they leave the house!

Greenery is Key

The ideal way to introduce a boho finish into any room of your home is with indoor plants! Offering a lush, exotic addition that looks stunning no matter how large or small the foliage, they also offer a range of benefits – including reducing stress, boosting your mood and cleansing the air! Our unique homeware gift ideas include a range of handcrafted vases in beautiful colours, allowing you to start with cut florals before bringing living plants into your home.

Effortless Style

Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – bohemian style should be effortless. This means you can choose the colours, patterns and textures that speak to you, rather than the ones that the big department stores are telling you to buy. When you invest in quality items, you can be confident they will never go out of fashion, and you’ll continue to enjoy the space you have created for years to come!

Bringing the bohemian style into your home can be incredibly easy and rewarding – once you know where to start. As there are so many ways to introduce this aesthetic into your home, from bright and bold colours to neutral textures and natural finishes, there is something for every household and style. With a wide variety of unique homeware gift ideas at Amiya, we have everything you need to create a boho wonderland that complements your personal taste.