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These brightly coloured Bollywood inspired pieces will be the talking point whenever you have them on show! Wear them casually or for a special occasion. Once you start it's hard to stop collecting them, one for every colour of the rainbow!

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Looking for authentic Indian jewellery online? Look no further!

A Rich Indian History

The presence of jewellery in India is as old as the civilization itself. The people’s love of jewellery is more so a love of the beautiful and aesthetic, and of our aspirations to achieve perfection in form, design and colour. Repetition, symmetry and orderly progression in the design are typical of the Indian belief in order in the cosmic universe.

The Importance for Women

In India, unique jewellery is considered auspicious for women in particular. It is used as a form of insurance (as it’s expensive and can be sold whenever there is real need for money), but is most commonly used to accentuate feminine beauty. Indian women receive unique jewellery gifts in many stages of life – birth, coming of age, marriage, becoming a mother, etc.


Stunning Bangles Online

One of the more popular pieces available, Amiya stocks a wide variety of colourful and sparkly bangles in Melbourne. They are sold in sets because they’re designed to be worn in multiples – in India it’s not uncommon to see women with dozens of bangles adorning each arm. They are the perfect way to dress up any outfit or add a much needed pop of colour.

Gorgeous Necklaces Online

When it comes to necklaces, bold is certainly better. Beads are a popular feature in many necklaces, as they make for interesting patterns and add a whole new dynamic to the piece. Our pieces range from very long hanging necklaces that sit around the neckline. Like bangles, they can be worn in multiples.